Create Your Own Love Story


What is a love story video

A love story video is a 10 to 15 minute video that is shown to your guests at the reception, either just before or right after dinner.  There are many different styles of love stories.  Below is a description of a “romantic” love story.

The video starts off with some growing-up shots of the both of you.  It then moves to shots of you and your fiancé walking at a park, beach, or other favorite location.  It segues into some nice “looking into each other’s eyes” shots and kissing shots.  This is the time for showing how in love the two of you are!

The next segment is the interview.  This is where you tell about how you met, what your first impressions were of each other, and when you knew your significant other was “Mr. or Mrs. Right.”  Some of the interview is done together and some separate; that way you can be just as surprised of your fiancé’s answers as your guests are at the reception!

The final segment of the love story includes some of your thoughts and dreams for the future.  Kids?  A new house?  A big move?  A new job?  And, best of all, why you have chosen to spend the rest of your life together. 

To finish up the love story, we shoot some nice slow-motion video of you holding hands, laughing, kissing etc.  A pleasant photo of the two of you, such as your engagement picture or a still from the video, completes the love story.

Again, this is only one type of love story.  You may not be the “romantic” type and would rather have a sports theme, an arts theme, or other hobby that you both enjoy together.  You may even want to make your own MTV-style video!  You may choose not to do the interview, or you may decide that most of the video should be interviews.  Either is fine; it’s your choice.  That’s why our slogan is:

“We produce video in your style.”


How is a love story video done?

It takes about 3 to 4 hours to shoot the video, depending on where the location shots are and how many different locations you choose.  Once you have chosen to do a love story video, we will sit down with you and help you decide the best locations that fit your lifestyle and the time of year you have chosen to record it.  We will also discuss what to wear (like what colors look good on video and which don’t) and what props to bring.

How is the video shown?

We own our own high-quality data projector.  We can use the band or DJ’s P.A. system for the audio, but if that is not available we can provide our own.  The area that the video is viewed needs to be somewhat dark.  Therefore, a tent wedding at 2 pm is not a good time to view the love story with a data projector.  In this case, it would be best to wait until a little later in the day