Quotes from brides and grooms about their wedding videos.

I didn’t realize how much I missed! I guess I was so busy making sure I talked to everyone that many beautiful moments would have been lost….Thanks to your wonderful video I can watch them over and over…..


Of course the pictures were nice, but the video really captured the feeling of the day…It was great, Bob and I will watch it every anniversary and relive our special day, Thanks again!


My friend had her uncle do their wedding and it was pretty bad, he missed so much…When my friend saw our video, she realized she made a big mistake.  It’s too bad, they spent over $20,000 for the wedding, and all they have are the pictures and a shaky video… yours was like watching a TV show!


The video was incredible! You did such a great job…it’s just the right length.  I went to a friends house a few months ago to watch her video and it was 2 ½ hours long!  She had to keep fast forwarding through the tape to get to the good spots.  It’s great to have both the edited version to show friends, and the unedited video as well….


…before the wedding we thought that the photographer was the most important thing, now we realize that the video is just as important…everyone loves it ! We can’t thank you enough for taking the time and having the eye for the special shots that really makes our video beautiful.


My parents loved the video, they had no idea how beautiful a wedding video could be.  Before the wedding my dad kept saying “You only need a photographer." Now he tells everyone it was the best money he ever spent!                                                             

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